Improving human resources quality of a country has a key role on the process of econmic development so that these days nearly all economists have agreed on the fact that was determines the characteristic and trend of a countrys economic and social development is the human resource of that society and not the capital and financial resources. Ameliorating human resources quality based on training “includes the aspects such as creativity ,taking responsibility,awareness and ultimately career consciousness.the historical experience of the industrialized developed countries as well as suth-eastern asian countries in the last decades has proved that the most essential prefrence that supported them to get to upper levels of development has been the people who have considered their jobs as a duty and gained proper professional as well.renovating professions through educatioal programs and laying the fundation of a complied training program in order to train new workface are counted the main priorities of an economic institution as substructures for improvement and enhancement. Shore and offshore technological training institutes has assumed this responsibility in four centers : Tehran,Bandar Anzali,Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini.

Mission and goals
Shore and offshore technological institute, enjoying an active compact comprehensive training system has held training courses for various companies and organization.the main goals of institute are as follows:
• Training expert and skilled human resources in bachelor and associcate degree(under applied-science comprehensive system)
• Extending technical-vocational activities to train skilled human resources
• Training skillful human resource via technical-vaocational courses
• Preparing modern educational packages proportional to industry executive departments need
• Desining and holding applied educational courses,seminars and workshops in order to enhance organizations function.
• Presenting modern consulting service

Main activities domains
1- Performing university courses in both bachelor and associate levels under the supervision of the university of comprehensive applied-science in centers, Bandar abbas, Bandar Anzali.
2- Performing technical-vocational training courses with granting,official certificate of technical and vocational education organization.
3- Performing free and on-the-job short-term training courses under the supervision of technology research and science ministry and port and maritime organization and the vice-president for the management development and human resources in four centers: Tehran,Bandar Anzali,Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini.

Free short term & on-the-job training courses
Shore and offshore technological institute ,along with a continous thoroghly supervising
Over the university educational activities and technical-vocational training , hold short-term courses under the supervision of ports & maritime organization.
These short-time courses are perfomed in various sections:
1- Courses for shipping companies licensed by port & maritime organization
2- Specialized courses of port and logistic activities
3- HSE courses
4- On-the-job courses for govermental employees,licensed by vice president for the management development and human resources
5- Other courses(management courses , technical & engineering courses,financial courses,business courses,industry courses,etc.)

This institute can also design & perform special educational services for different companies and organizations such as:
-educational request-deliberation
-educational programming
-educational executive management
-educational effectiveness evaluation

Educational certificate
At the end of each course a valid certificate will be granted to the participants who have passed at the course successfully and have not been absent for more than %25 of the course length.